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Village country accommodation - 25 beds


Eco ethno club - Cerevic
Eco ethno club Danube Vojvodina
Geographical location - Cerevic





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  • Beautiful country pansion in the Čerević, for people in the country tourism, stroling, fishing, monasteries visiting, Mountainbike tours and other activities

  • The estate is offered for the farm lease for longer period, 6 months or 1 year leasing

  • The estate is functionally equipped for the wine storage, for it has a wine cellar very well equiped for production and distribution of the wine.

  • The rooms are very pleasant with 2-3 beds, in all 25 beds. Estate also has Mess hall, Fireplace hall, Grill hall, Garden, Wine cellar, yard with large cool shade...

  • The estate is in the Čerević, in the proximity of Novi Sad, and near Danube, at the slopes of Fruška Gora


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Village Country Pansion - Čerević - Danube - Fruška Gora

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